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As a wedding photographer, I couldn’t have been happier to have the opportunity to shoot a more enchanting venue than Nancarrow Farm. Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, this rustic haven proved to be a captivating canvas for my lens & brings that true Cornish vibe to your wedding day.

From the moment I set foot on the farm, the ambiance was nothing short of magical. The sprawling landscape, with its meticulously maintained gardens, rolling meadows, and charming barns, provided an abundance of picturesque backdrops. 

Whether framing a couple against the rustic wooden doors of the barn or capturing the soft light of twilight over the nearby coastline, Nancarrow Farm effortlessly elevates the visual narrative of any photographic endeavor.

The versatile beauty of this venue extends beyond its exterior charm. The thoughtfully designed interiors of the barns and event spaces are a testament to the meticulous planning that went into preserving the farm’s authentic character. The play of natural light against the weathered wood and vintage decor offered endless opportunities for creative compositions. It’s a photographer’s dream to work in such an environment, where every nook and cranny seems to whisper tales of a bygone era.

One of the standout features for me was the farm’s commitment to sustainability and locally sourced produce. The farm-to-table concept not only adds a unique touch to events but also presents opportunities to capture the essence of organic beauty. Photographing vibrant, locally sourced flowers adorning tables or the culinary creations that showcase the farm’s commitment to quality left me inspired and in awe.

The dedicated staff at Nancarrow Farm deserves special mention. Their professionalism and attention to detail ensured that every photographic vision was seamlessly realised. From assisting with logistics to providing insights into the farm’s history, their passion for the venue and commitment to excellence truly set the stage for a photographer’s success.

In short, Nancarrow Farm isn’t just a venue; it’s a symphony of visual delights waiting to be captured. If you’re a couple seeking an idyllic setting where creativity can flourish, Nancarrow Farm is the quintessential choice. 

Here’s to many more years of capturing timeless moments at this rustic gem!

A personal note from me…

Hello, I’m Tom Frost, a professional wedding photographer in Cornwall, deeply passionate about capturing life’s beautiful moments. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to artistic storytelling, I’ve dedicated my life to photography, creating images that evoke emotions and preserve memories.

I’ve been capturing wild weddings and elopements in the South West of the UK & Europe for over 10 years. I grew up in Cornwall, spending my life exploring the coastal cliff tops & sandy coves.

This gives me a unique knowledge of incredible shoot locations that are a little off-the-beaten track. I adore Cornwall and everything that comes with it, the wild weather throws extra elements at me to consider & never fails to challenge my creativity.

As a wedding photographer, my style is characterised by a unique blend of creativity and precision. I’m passionate about cinematic videography & shoot hybrid. 

My photography packages are thoughtfully designed to cater to a variety of preferences and budgets. Take a look at my pricing page and get in touch to start building your wedding package.

I place a strong emphasis on communication and collaboration with my clients. Understanding your vision and expectations is paramount in creating photographs that exceed your dreams. 

The same applies to your wedding film, should you choose have one. My aim is to tell your story, capturing the smallest details & intimacy of your day.

Head over to my Real Weddings for inspiration and to see my past work.

You can even get in touch & I can help build you a bespoke adventure wedding day away from all the fuss.

Imagine just the two of you under mother nature’s watchful eye, beginning your new chapter together in the wilds of Cornwall.

Drop me an email now to start chatting about how I would imagine capturing your special day..

Chat soon,

Tom x