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This is the super wedding of the amazing couple Rose & Adam! I was delighted to capture their small wedding at the amazing Frieda & the Moon. This is a collection of my top images from the day and also some amazing words from the super couple. A real story of a wedding in 2021!

Rose and Adam Baynes-Revett


Is it worth it? Yes!!

Adam and I had been engaged for 3 years when covid hit. We won’t dwell on the bad news for long but to summarise we had a wedding of 150 people cancelled, then rebooked for 30 people only to have to cancel again. When we heard of the rules changing, we made the decision to marry as soon as we could with just my parents as witnesses.

Safe to say we did not know what to expect, but what happened was by far the most magical, happiest, and romantic day of our lives. The venue was great, my mum cooked a superb goulash, but without Thomas Frost photography the day would never have been what it was.

He arrived as we were getting ready, he didn’t mind a mess, nor the stress, and captured some fantastic pics of the Jewellery, rings and clothes. These photos looked to me like something from a magazine, so now when I look back through I’m surprised that it’s my own makeup and Asda’s Bride bag that’s in a very professional shot!


Frieda & The Moon

The day itself poured with rain and 35kmh+ winds. Adam and I had only one request, and that was to have photos on the beach. Unfortunately, the usual location ran the risk of us being blown into the ocean! So, Tom arrived early and scouted for a more secluded bay managing to find a gorgeous craggy cove where he took the shots that we longed for! We truly felt like Poldark and Demelza leaning into the wind and the rain! Then we moved on to a wooded valley, where the wind could not reach us and once again, we were emersed in a fairy tale love story, this time Maid Marion and Robin Hood.

We are not a romantic couple, usually an “I love you” over a coffee in between play fights and scrolling is our routine. But the moments captured by Tom were not staged or posed. He chose beautiful locations, encouraged us to be open and happy, and to laugh and talk and just love each other. If I’m honest I forgot he was there sometimes, though I am incredibly happy that he directed us in hand positioning and where to catch the light best.


Frieda & The Moon


When we returned Tom said goodbye, and by the next morning he sent me our previews. He did tell us that these can take up to 48 hours, so please don’t assume that next day service will be for everyone! However, this time he managed to send them to us early and my breath was taken away. Every time I look at a shot I remember how special this day was for us, and I catch myself getting lost just browsing my own wedding photos! Vain I know but they are just so good!

I sincerely recommend Tom and have no doubt that you and your future Mr or Mrs will feel the same way we do when you look at your own photos. Money was certainly a concern for us and paying out the expense of a photographer was not a decision made lightly, but I am so glad we did! Tom Frost made our wedding day exceptional and now we never have to forget it!

Thank you,

From Rose and Adam Baynes-Revett


If you are after some photography or videography at  Frieda & the Moon . Then you should send me a message.  You could have a look at my cinematic films. They are a perfect addition to my photography, and great for small weddings and elopements.