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Writer and broadcaster Elizabeth Day and Justin Basini’s wedding was an intimate affair at the Devonshire hotel, The Pig. This relaxed affair perfectly fit the quintessentially English country garden surroundings. 

Picturesque cottages, a rustic manor house and casually curated gardens matched the couple’s laid back love affair. 

However, it wasn’t without a hurdle or two. Elizabeth and Justin, like many others during the pandemic of 2021, found themselves with a dwindling guest list, cancelled honeymoon adventures and rising restrictions hitting them left, right and centre.


This forced the couple to simplify their day, which then became a poignant moment in their relationship. It pushed them to make decisions which highlighted what was important to them. As the big plans became small plans, the wedding became seemingly unimportant. As someone in the limelight, it’s challenging to keep perspective. To realise what really counts…

For Elizabeth and Justin, it wasn’t about the image, the magazine spread (albeit it being covered in British Vogue), or the projection of oneself to the world. It was about the quiet moments behind closed doors, the intimacy you get when no-one else is watching. By the time the date was finalised, none of it really mattered anymore, it was just about them with their closest family and friends. Any extra party elements were merely a perk. Both felt incredibly relaxed about the day, which was a world away from their initial expectations of what a wedding was meant to be. 

It’s so easy to be swept up in the frenzy of wedding planning and trying to suit everyone. Elizabeth’s top tip is “Don’t get caught up on what you think you should do or what other people want you to do on your wedding day. Trust your own instincts and lean into that. At the end of the day, it’s about the two of you – try not to lose sight of that.”

In Eliabeth’s own words from British vogue article “The Simplicity Added To The Magic”: Inside Elizabeth Day’s Devon Micro-Wedding she states “A wise friend once told me that expectation is the thief of happiness. When you expect too much, you’re not living the life you have, you’re living the life you wish for, and this leaves you permanently dissatisfied.” 

I feel so fortunate to have worked with Elizabeth and Justin. The day was filled with beautiful moments to capture and a year on, I still find this shoot high on my hit list of favourite weddings. Here are Elizabeth’s kind words about my work…

“Tom, you could not have been a more perfect choice for us! Every single guest commented on what a joy you were to have around – always kind and friendly but never intrusive. The photos you took not only captured our personalities, but our love for each other and the video…oh my goodness. We still can’t watch it without crying!”

As always, a wedding is brought together by a whole host of talented and creative businesses. Here’s the list of suppliers Elizabeth Day used:

DRESS  Kate Halfpenny : @Halfpennylondon

VENUE The Pig: @the_pig_hotels

MUA Emma Rankin

FLORIST Dilly’s @dillys_florist

SHOES Jimmychoo