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Ready for a good read? It’s been a super summer with loads of great wedding! I am delighted now to share some of these on my blog. So put the kettle on, sit back and take this in. This is a true BoHo Cornwall elopement.

If you are considering eloping or know of someone that is, then this is the post for you! Thanks to Jessica & Dan for letting me share their stunning wedding. So let’s hear from the lovely couple…

The photos capture everything, I look at them with pride and each one of my favourites is captured so perfectly that they take me back to a specific moment and I feel exactly how I felt at the time.

We got married on 14th June 2019 at BoHo Cornwall, St Just. We eloped, just the two of us with only Tom and Maya as our witnesses, the registrar and the wonderful Tom Frost, our photographer who we barely noticed was there.
We are from Kent, but we both have a very special connection to Cornwall as we have both holidayed there since we were children with our families, and also since we have been together. We visited a few potential wedding venues in Cornwall and decided that BoHo was everything we wanted for our special date, we were emotional from the moment Tom and Maya opened their door to us. During the visit, we discovered they had 14th June available which is my late Grandmothers birthday. Although she is no longer here to celebrate her birthday, having that date as our wedding anniversary is a very special way to keep the 14th June celebrated. 
I wore my Mother’s wedding dress that was specially made for her by her Grandmother in 1985, we modified it to bring it up to date and I was thrilled with how it turned out. Another really special piece of the occasion. 
One of the reasons we chose to elope, is because whilst we are fortunate to have an enormous family who loves and care for us, we knew we would worry about everyone else and perhaps miss out on some of the romance that the ceremony offers. We wanted to make sure that the only people who mattered at that moment was each other, and the people present were impartial and we would feel free to share everything we wanted without feeling embarrassed or the need to hold back. Another reason is that we wanted to whole experience to be relaxed, not stressful running around, meeting deadlines and feeding off others anxiety.  We were so relaxed in fact, we had a nap on the sofa together after breakfast the morning of our wedding, before we got ready! Tom and Maya took care of everything, all we had to do was get ourselves ready. The balance of feeling like we were completely alone at the moment, yet fully supported was spot on! We wrote our own vows, we got emotional, we cried and laughed, we took everything in and fully immersed in the experience and each other. We had not a single other soul to consider at that moment, nobody else to hug and kiss. The registrar Jackie, and her “assistant” (haha) Tony were professional, sincere, yet brought humor to the ceremony at the perfect time.  We had all of our favorite love songs playing in the background which added to the already beautiful atmosphere of the stunning hallway of BoHo, surrounded by the ambient light of candles and flowers from the garden. 
After we signed the register and enjoyed a glass of champagne, we joined Tom who had been silently snapping away the whole time. We had some photographs in the venue and then went out on an adventure! It really did make the day so much fun. He knew all the best places to take us that would be fun and that would really suit our personalities. I have known people to get bored during their wedding photoshoots trying to get the perfect shots, and getting everyone in, but not this shoot. We were the center of attention and laughed such a lot, Tom made us feel like a friend of his and like movie stars at the same time. We loved how interactive he was, the ideas he had, and the positions he would get in like laying down in the sand, climbing up on rocks and running around the beach with us without any shoes or socks on! It made everything much less formal which is the exact vibe we wanted all along. We would have loved to have stayed with him for a drink, but instead, he left us to revel in our movie star bubble with our champagne. When we walked back along the beach we were on such a high, we got a lot of attention in what we were wearing, and even got free ice cream!  We went on to Lands End and got a photo on the signpost too – when in Rome! We got back to BoHo and had another nap! When then went out for dinner at the lovely Coastguard restaurant in Mousehole, who gave us more complimentary bubbles! 
The photos capture everything, I look at them with pride and each one of my favorites is captured so perfectly that they take me back to a specific moment and I feel exactly how I felt at the time.
Another special mention is to Hayley Jasper MUA, a makeup artist from London who was home visiting her parents in Cornwall. When there was a mishap on timings with the make-up artist I had booked, I was put in touch with Hayley who arrived with less than 12 hours notice. She pulled out all the stops and I was so happy with how she made me up. 
When we got home, we had a lovely reception complete with a blessing that involved all of our friends and family. It was hard work, stressful and exhausting. We had the best men and bridesmaids, speeches and toasts. An incredible weekend was had by all, but we are so pleased we have our special memory from our elopement in Cornwall which almost feels sacred.