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So it was not as busy as it should have been, but it could not be more full of emotion, energy and humanity. 2020 will be a year to remember for both good and bad. It’s been a year of polar experiences. From good to bad, happy to sad and everything in-between.

I am so grateful to all the couples that pushed on and tied the knot in 2020, you ALL brightened up 2020. This is for you all! Just a few of the weddings, that I captured in 2020. Sorry for the couples that were left out, but I LOVE you all…

Just a quick snip-it of what 2020 brought to the table…

I wish you all a super NY! And again to all of you in 2020 thanks for letting me capture your day. To all of the amazing couples in 2021, let’s rock out and party hard. Dance till our feet can’t take it and the bar is dry.

See you all in 2021! x