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Wedding Photographers do love Christmas

Wedding photographers are interesting folk. We love to look for details and get fixated on getting it right. Before I was a wedding photographer I always took photos when on walks. It was a frequent occurrence during the walk to have no walking, just me trying to get the shot of a flower or landscape. It is the same with weddings. I am always looking for details that add to the story of the day. For winter weddings around Christmas new toys come out to play. With Christmas trees and presents there are lost more details to shoot. I love looking for reflections whilst shooting weddings and this is a good example of that, often its reflections in lakes, ponds or puddles. This is a reflection in a Christmas tree ball ball, well it is a first for me. A winter wedding is also a great opportunity to create that feel of warmth. It has a natural buzz around it due to being closer to Christmas and the Holidays. Winter Pimm’s is quite fashionable at the moment; a few weddings that I have covered have served this during the reception. I do not drink whilst working but I did have a sip of this as it sounded fantastic, and it was, so I left it as just a sip. I would recommend the winter Pimm’s to couples as its a great reception drink in for a winter wedding.

I would remind couples that when planning winter weddings to remember that the light is very different. It disappears a lot soon in the day and is far lower in the sky during the day. This means that you should try to arrange that the ceremony is not late in the day (past 2pm) or that the reception has some interesting lighting outside that you can make the most of. If it does not have great outside lights then make your own and make the venue yours.

Us wedding photographers love a wedding with that personal touch. So get stuck in and make it yours.cornwall wedding photographers,Fowey Hall, Cornwall weddings, wedding photography, Christmas tree ball ball.

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