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Trevenna Barn Wedding Photography night photos in rain


Are you looking to get married at Trevenna Barn? Good choice. I LOVE it! It has everything that you might want and more. I would be delighted for you to view some of my wedding photos, films and to read some of my views as to why Trevenna is a good choice.

I LOVE being a Trevenna Barn Wedding Photographer! I have had the pleasure of shooting many weddings at Trevenna Barns and I must admit that it is one of my favourite venues in Cornwall.

Situated in a stunning and quiet setting, just on the edge of Bodmin Moor, Trevenna is a gorgeous collection of barns making a unique barn wedding venue in the wild of Cornwall.

Not far from my childhood home it reminds me of being a kid and running around the moors. I first fell in love with the local landscape, then the venue and the team at Trevenna. I have never been so well cared for by a wedding team than I have been at Trevenna. This is an important sign, if they look after the suppliers like this then the couples are in the safest hands possible and this is true.

Below are a few recent weddings from Trevenna Barn, you can view more of my weddings on my Gallery Page.

If you are after a Trevenna Barn Wedding Photographer, then send me an email.

Wedding Photography and Videography at Trevenna Barn

I have shot many weddings at Trevenna, and why do I like to go back to shoot more? Every time I cover a wedding at Trevenna it changes. The landscape is always changing and the sky and weather are always on the move. Despite what the weather is or the time of the year, there are always lots to inspire me and to excite me to capture more creative, emotive, and epic photos. 

My videography is a rather a cinematic story of the day. I am unique as I can capture both stills and video at the same time and I can create some amazing cinematic footage. Trevenna is super as the venue location is perfect for flying the drone and capturing some amazing footage. With the layout of the accommodation, it is perfect for me to move between the two bridal parties and to capture everything myself. 

Trevenna Barn Wedding Photography night photos

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Trevenna Barn Wedding Photography



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Paula & Dan

Tom, thank you! You were amazing! The day would not have been the same without you. You were so calm and relaxing when we needed it and fun and exciting for the rest of the day. The images that you have captured for us will be cherished for the rest of our lives. The film was out of this world! Every time we watch it we cry. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Becky & Luke

AMAZING! FIVE STARS. Thanks, Tom. You have gone above and beyond for us! We cannot thank you, enougth. The images are super; they captured everything on the day, so much that we did not see; we loved your creativity and energy on the day. If anyone is looking to book you, we cannot recommend you enough. They will LOVE you and your work.

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