BoHo Cornwall Elopement

BoHo Cornwall Elopement

I LOVE capturing ELOPEMENTS at BoHo Cornwall! I LOVE showing off my Cornwall, the best-hidden spots and the wildest cliffs and beaches. I LOVE being outdoors no matter what the weather, and I LOVE shooting video at the same time!
Let me guide you and capture your moments, with both still images and cinematic film; the two of you exploring the best of what Cornwall has to offer.

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BoHo Cornwall


Hi, call me Tom.

Born and raised in Cornwall, I am passionate about the landscape, the heritage, the wildlife and the people.

This is why BoHo Cornwall elopements are so special to me. I get the greatest joy from showing couples what I love and care about, during some of the most special hours of their life. I love to find a moment on a clifftop that couples can call their own and remember forever, where they can connect with the beautiful landscape around them.

For a wild, romantic and stress-free wedding, BoHo Cornwall is my favourite elopement venue in Cornwall, hands down! Tom & Maya invite you into their home, lit by candlelight, and witness your intimate day. An elopement wedding is a particularly special occasion and I feel honoured each time I shoot one. 


My style is natural and relaxed. No posing or stiffness, but adventurous and fun. I want to guide couples around Cornwall, showing them the best bits and letting them fall in love with the sea and the cliffs. Wild, windy & wavey! I follow the weather and tides to plan the best locations; just let me know, would you want old ruins, cliffs, hidden caves, or beaches? I can also capture video on the day, and with the drone footage, this can look epic on the cliffs and beaches!

I want to make images and films that will last for generations. Not just for you, but also for those to come. Maybe one day they will look at your film and pictures and be dazzled by your adventurous elopement!



What are you after?

BoHo Cornwall Elopement

Elope to BoHo Cornwall

Natural and relaxed. No poses no fuss. I will guide you & drive you to the best spots in Cornwall. I want you to connect with the Cornish landscape, and feel at home.

BoHo Cornwall Elopement

Cinematic Films

In a few hours, it will be over. Never to be repeated. Photos are great, but do you want more? How about a cinematic film of the most loved up hours of your life?



• Why do I LOVE elopements?

Have I overused the 'L' Word? Yes, I am sure that I have, but I can't help it. It's true. I am passionate about elopements and small weddings. The emotion is so real and not tainted by the stress of a big wedding. I LOVE it! Couples can be themselves and not conform to what others want. Every time that I witness an elopement, I feel so very privileged to be there and capture the day.

• What do I LOVE shooting the most on the day?

Hands down, I LOVE getting outside the most: hitting the cliffs and beaches, climbing rocks and ducking rain showers. BoHo Cornwall is epic, both inside and around the grounds. But what makes it the best venue in Cornwall is that it's positioned in such a great spot. We can explore some amazing places without driving very far. My biggest LOVE is showing off Cornwall's raw beauty and wilderness and finding an amazing spot that couples can call their own, and return to in years to come

• What if the weather is bad?

To be honest, I am most happy when we have a storm on the cards! No matter what the weather, we'll have a great time. If the weather is wet and cold, I will take you to some of the easier spots, where we can jump out of the van, grab some epic shots and then drive somehwere to sit by a fire and warm-up, before hitting another location! I am always watching the rain radar, wind direction and tides to make the best decision about where to go, to get the best results.

• How can you shoot both video and stills at the same time?

Wizardry... oh, and a lot of tech and skill! It's not easy, which is why no one else is offering it. I’ve been practising my fusion photography technique for a few years and have some cool hacks that allow me to capture both epic video and stills. I also need to visualize two storyboards in my head: one for the film and one for the still images. It's hard but, you’ve guessed it, I LOVE it! You cannot beat the emotional power of film and music when combined.


BoHo Cornwall Elopement


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